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3 Reasons To Clean Your Roof Before Christmas

Clean Your Roof: In the hubbub leading up to Christmas, it’s easy to forget about your roof. And who could blame you? Shopping for gifts, decorating your home, going to festive parties, and sharing the magic and love of the season with friends and family should be your priorities.

Clean Your Roof Before Christmas

However, your roof is pretty important, too, and it should be cleaned annually. Just before Christmas is a perfect time. Here’s why …

Safety Considerations

The black streaks that develop on your roof (most likely algae and/or mold) are not only ugly, but they’re also dangerous. An algae-covered roof is extremely slick, which could make putting up decorations a reckless endeavor. What’s more, by the time you can see the streaks from the ground, the algae has likely been there for several months, turning your roof into a slip-and-slide.

Roof Life Expectancy

Algae harbors bacteria and moss have a substantial root system, both of which can undermine and deteriorate your roof prematurely. A regular roof cleaning will maximize the life of your roof by 25 years or more.

Problem Prevention

Proper roof maintenance prevents many problems that can destroy your roof. If left alone, your roof may fail, damaging the interior of your home. Therefore, it’s best to do a little bit of maintenance now in order to prevent huge, expensive problems later on.

For these reasons and more, you should get your roof cleaned before each holiday season. Need to make an appointment? Call Prestige Roof Transformations Today at 1300 296255.

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