Right Roof Color

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Roof Color

Right Roof Color: Picking the right color for your roof is important since you’ll need to live with it for a long time and it is one of the most significant investments you can make as a homeowner. Checkout out our several projects.

Here are our 5 Simple Tips For Choosing The Right Roof Color:

Tip #1 Don’t rush picking out a right roof color 

A new roof color is not a decision that should be rushed — it’s OK to take some time to give it serious thought. Consider whether your color choice will be what you want years down the road.

Tip #2 Talk with your roofing estimator

The roofer giving you an estimate has likely overseen hundreds of roofing jobs and can speak to which colors will best complement your home’s structure and current walls. It’s easier to change your roof than your walls, so be sure the roof color you have chosen does not clash with the walls and trim.

Tip #3 Look around at roofs in your area

What kind of roofing do other homes in your neighborhood have? It’s important to be sure your selection complements your neighbors’ homes. A choice of right roof color that is not complementary to neighboring homes may make your home more difficult to sell down the road.

Tip #4 Know your home style

Evaluate your home’s style to decide what is an appropriate color and what is not. Home magazines can also be helpful in showcasing different styles of homes and the roof colors that suit them the best.

Tip #5 Make sure that your roof color and materials are guaranteed

It is important that the color of your roof suits well with your home but make sure that your roof color and materials are guaranteed.


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